Monday, 11 February 2008

More Staircase News11th February 2008

More Staircase News

Giles has been hard at work now for several days and the staircase itself is in. He is now doing the lowered landing that will enable me to get in my bedroom without knocking myself out on the beam every time. (I still have the scabs on my scalp from last time).

The stairs are oak and look lovely. They were also very heavy!

As you can see, there were several steps, but four have been cut off now, as the whole thing was too long! Some bits will make up the extra step needed on the turn at the beginning - this was needed because the angle of the stairs (all pre-assembled) was too steep.

So today has been doing the landing - a beast of a job, it seems. Lots of cutting of bits of wood and drilling. It seems to me that the men in my life have been much better than I am at doing this sort of thing - seems to be a man thing. I wouldn't know where to start! Giles just wades right in and does it. Mind you, he's rubbish at crochet :-)

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Jason Fist said...

If only one could crochet stairs. Ha!