Thursday, 21 February 2008

21st February 2008

Wardrobes and Cupboards

If a wardrobe doesn't have a hanging rail, but only shelves, does it become a cupboard? I simply ask because I am looking both for wardrobes for the bedrooms and cupboards for the kitchen. Seems like what I saw today would do for either (or both). In Entrepot Eco, near Bussiere-Poitivine I saw these, which I took to be wardrobes, but when I opened them, every one had only shelves inside. They are so beautiful I would really love to have them, but I feel maybe they are a bit too solid for the kitchen, and maybe there should be some hanging space in the bedrooms.

The prices are compatible with what I've seen in 'Antique' shops, but the quality is MUCH better. There is a matching sideboard which even has solid oak bottoms to the drawers.

For the bedrooms I think the double wardrobe, although I want to find out whether I can commission one with hanging space in one side at least.

While I was in the shop I couldn't resist buying a broom and brush & dustpan that would be just perfect for Giles, with a cow pattern!

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