Friday, 22 February 2008

22nd February 2008

Spring is on the Way

Surely it's too early for Spring? We haven't really had a winter, so I hope there isn't a sudden blizzard round the corner! Mind you, the almond blossom is out in Mezieres and the blackthorn is starting to bloom in the field hedges. In my garden all the bulbs that were in the mixing bowl have taken to their pots like ducks to water and are blooming ferociously.

In the fields the trees are starting to have that green cast that means they are in leaf bud and, if this weather continues, they will soon be in leaf...

...and the hosta in its pot has put up fat, spikey buds through its layer of ever-present moss. I love the feel of the spikes and the velvetiness of the moss.

And most surprising of all - there is a bud on my French Lavender!

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