Thursday, 28 February 2008

28th February 2008

So - nearly the end of February, but it's a leap year, so there's another day to come yet. I've been researching the subject, as I wasn't sure about the proposal bit, here in France. This is my favourite explanation (if you can call it that):

Now - how many of you disappointed ladies knew that bit about being bought a dress?


I've always loved Mimosa, but seldom seen it in England. Here in France it is more common, especially down south, but this is a tree I saw today - in Mezieres-sur-Issoire.

Mimosa not only looks beautiful but smells fantastic too. I'm off to a garden centre at L'Isle Jourdain tomorrow, so guess what I'll be looking for!

Etsy Sale

Now I mentioned Etsy yesterday... when I switched on this morning, I found I had sold a bear! Fantastic! Just have to send him/her to the States now.

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