Friday, 14 March 2008

14th March 2008 - Flowers and Doors

Spring Flowers

Today the sun is shining again and it feels like Spring - but there is rain forecast for the weekend! Still, it's nice to have a day like this even if the others are cold, wet or windy! The flowers in my pots are blooming...

Early Doors

The builders were back putting the final touches to the plasterboard - finishing the ceilings etc. M Virondeau himself came and started the front door on Wednesday. He had to take out some wall, but got the door in for the evening, and came back on Thursday to put back the stones and put the old door as the door to the dependances.

This morning (Friday) both he and Jean Luc came and while Virondeau completed the front door, Jean Luc put in the chimney plate which will stop all the heat from the stove going up the chimney.

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