Thursday, 27 March 2008

27th March - First Anniversary

My Anniversary

Well, not me exactly, but the anniversary of my coming to France to live. It's been a year now. So... what do I have to show for it?

  • Well, the house is coming along, but not finished yet
  • My French is coming along, but not fluent yet
  • The weather is brightening up but not very warm yet
  • Nearly all my stuff is still in boxes and not unpacked yet
...but it's not all negative...
  • I love the countryside (but not in the cold weather)
  • I've met some lovely people and made friends
  • I think I'm closer emotionally to my children even though they are now (2 out of 3 anyway) further away.
  • I'm learning to face life without Richard
Here are some pictures of the house as it was and as it is now:

These pictures are of the dependances, which were used to house animals, and now, my wood, tools, workbench etc.

This is the kitchen....

...the front of the house...

...and the back.- - which is now terraced and not a concrete slope!

1 comment:

Jason Fist said...

Cool! Hurrah! Well done!

Loved the before and after shots. Would be even better to get the exact same angle in order to compare them precisely.

By next year everything will be finished!