Tuesday, 1 April 2008

1st April 2008

Hooray, hooray, it's April today!

Temperatures are up, the sun is shining, all the building work is finished, the garden is full of flowers ...

...and of course, they're coming to take me away to the Funny Farm.

No, of course it's not true! The weather has been cloudy, with a bit of drizzle and chilly but not too cold. I've been painting a bedroom (an activity I hate) and there was a 3-hour power cut with no explanation. Welcome to rural France.

I have finished the dress for the first teddy bear I made (who is now called Molly) and she looks very sweet.

I could show you pictures of the bedroom I'm painting, but it's all white at the moment and looks much like the celebrated picture of a white cat in a snowstorm. Tomorrow another coat of white to completely cover the patchy plasterboard, and then the final colour. In between, maybe the gloss paint around the doors... ... I can hardly wait...

Mysterious Telephone Call

When the power goes off my phone goes off too, because it works through the Internet (a Neuf box) and the box needs to be connected to electrickery. So, if you phone me when the power is off, you get an engaged tone. When the power came back on at about 6.30 pm today, the phone flashed that there was a missed call (someone phoned during the power cut). I had to get the book out to find out how to access the number that called - AND THE CALLER HAD WITHHELD THEIR NUMBER !!!!!!! Now that really annoyed me - especially since, two hours later, the b***ard has not phoned me back. What kind of pervert needs to withhold their number? Well, one I really don't want to hear from again, I guess - so, if it was you, don't bother to ring back!

Changing the Hour

Putting the clocks forward has really made a difference in the evenings. It's 8.40 now, and still light. BUT WHAT GOOD IS THAT WHEN IT'S TOO DAMN COLD TO SIT OUTSIDE!!!

Molly's Christening

Oh well, not long now till I go to England for Molly's christening, although I'm not looking forward to the journey. But it will be lovely to see Molly again.

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