Monday, 31 March 2008

31st March 2008

Last Day of March!

Well, it came in like a lion.... and is going out like..... a wet Labrador! One day - one measly day of sunshine - is about all we've had of Spring weather so far. Yesterday was wet and cold, today is mixed, some rain, some sun, but a cold wind. Still - it's not as cold as it was in the winter, so at least it's moving in the right direction - I think!

Carpet Fitter

The carpet fitter has just said he can't make it on Wednesday, and is suggesting the 19th. I am stuck, really, although I would have like the carpets in before I come back with Joan. It would have been good to move in the furniture etc., but I have no choice really. It is either English Ian or no carpets. I'm sure it will all turn out fine in the end - unless, when we unroll the carpets - we find they have moth or mouse damage or something. They are too big to unroll beforehand!

Bear Facts

Just to keep you updated - Jason bear (the second attempt) is finished, and sporting a rather handsome cardigan. I'm now going to make one for the other bear (my first attempt). Here's a picture of Jason:

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