Sunday, 25 May 2008

25th May 2008 - Fete des Meres

Yes - before you ask - it was fine today. Well, at least until mid-afternoon. So pink clouds at night are OK!

This morning I collected my cake stand from the cafe at le Dorat, and had coffee and a sandwich. While there I read yesterday's paper, which said there was a Toy and Collectors Expo on at Confolens. So off I went.

It was pretty good - and only 3 Euros to go in. I had only just looked around the free bit (sales stands) when it started to rain and by the time I got into the exhibition it was pouring down, making a horrendous noise on the metal and glass roof. When I took my first photo, the flash went and a couple sitting nearby thought it was lightning! Here's the photo:

The couple were the exhibitors for that stand. It was the second biggest in the room, with hundreds of dolls.

I was particularly interested by the biggest stand, which had a huge collection of thing associated with barbers and hairdressing. I guess because my grandfather was a gentleman's hairdresser and my mother a ladies'.

Other stands included a fascinating (but mostly modern) collection of 'stuff' shaped like or decorated with ladybirds...

(I particularly like the flotation ring for learner swimmers)

...two working train sets - an O gauge, which the owner said was called JEP in France:

and a smaller one which was going round and round through different scenic layouts.

One exhibitor made models from matchsticks (all burnt at the ends) and had made one of a modern windmill.

Another had a collection of wooden old toys like this roundabout:

Other exhibits included a collection of old lamps (pre-electricity); champagne bottle tops and other memorabilia; old spectacles and magnifying glasses; toys that children can ride on; and a model of a cycle race - although it did not say specifically that it was a Tour de France.

Oh - and I forgot to mention the display of menu-rabilia:

...and the playhouse with the scarey dolls... on a photo to enlarge it and you'll see what I mean!

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