Saturday, 31 May 2008

31st May 2008

June Tomorrow!

Wow - it's June tomorrow - hard to believe how time flies when you're actually doing nothing much.

Well, I have been kinda busy - I cut the lawns at La Tache yesterday (well I didn't get very far with the back garden) and here are some pictures of the outside now.

The pink paeony is a really beautiful colour, although the lilac on the other side has finished flowering now. The grape vine on the fence has little bunches on it, which presumably will be grapes eventually...

... and the geraniums on the bathroom windowsill are especially pretty.

Outside the barn door is a big bush of Kerria Japonica, and I might pinch some rooted bits from the outside for the garden here at Les Granges.

On the house itself the wisteria is still going strong..

...and the lions on the gateposts watch everything ...

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