Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fête de la Libération

Today was a national holiday for the 1945 liberation of France. I forgot it was a holiday (we had one last week and there's another one or two to come as well this month) and went into Mezieres before I remembered. Well, I was already out, so I thought I'd carry on into Le Dorat for a coffee and a scone, and the place was heaving! After two trips round I found a parking place, passing some big presentation going on outside the cathedral on the way. Apparently it was a local band and march and they start and end at the Petite Fontaine - whcih just happened to be where I was!

No sooner was I served with my coffee than the band returned up the street, playing as they marched. They assembled outside the café so I grabbed my camera...

I particularly enjoyed watching the conductor, who had great energy, often giving little jumps into the air.

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