Saturday, 10 May 2008

Angouleme and Eggs

Went to Angouleme with Sue Mallett yesterdy and had a lovely time. The rain held off and we walked round the ramparts...

... and looked in lots of lovely shops. I was feeling a bit starved of proper shops as there are very few in the towns around here.

Angouleme reminded me a bit of Leamington Spa - not too big, nice shops and lots of coffee shops and places to eat. We had coffee to start, Salad Nicoise for lunch, and coffee again before we came home. I bought three tops for the (hopefully) summer, and lots of 'bits and pieces'. As I said - a lovely time. Herge - the creator of Tintin - must have been important in Angouleme, as there is a big bronze head of him there!

Egg Pincushions

In one of the shops I found some wire eggcups - perfect for the crochet eggs I've just made for pincushions!

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