Sunday, 18 May 2008

Later in the Day...

Well, I did promise you flowers and I've been busy. I bought some great stuff at the garden centre.

Roses for the garden at home and geraniums and some pinks for the La Tache house (I'll show you those next week once the grass has been cut).

I bought pots for the roses and the rain obligingly stopped when I got home so I could do all the gardening stuff!

As well as potting up the roses, I split some asters that I brought over with me from England last year, and re-potted lots of things that are now too big for their pots. One day they'll all go in the garden :-) - it's not as if I ever had loads of plants waiting for a space in the garden Richard and I had in England (desperately looks round in case Gepetto notices the change in nose length)... anyway, I've now got over a dozen asters that I hope will grow on to flower this autumn and I've potted up the wisteria that Pat grew from the La Tache seeds and planted some of my own seeds that I collected today.


Did I mention that I sold one of my cacti on Etsy? It is now sitting in a bathroom in the United States with its happy new owner. Check out my site if you fancy one yourself!


Remember the birdhouse that Richard made me one Christmas? Well I brought it to France with me. It's now in my garden and I've positioned it in the Sculpture Garden (not in the least bit tongue-in-cheek) and maybe a bird will colonise it... or a snake... or a mouse... or perhaps I'll plant it up with herbs...

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