Sunday, 18 May 2008

Iris and Paeony - 18th May 2008

Looks like another nice day today. There was rain in the night - just great for the garden. The one remaining iris has come out and so has the paeony, and both are scented!

Giles and Fi are back home in England now and I have no more family visits on the agenda yet. so... back to slobbing around and knitting - I suppose... In fact I've already started a new cardigan for Molly, using some yarn bought on our visit to Angouleme... it's quite bright!

La Tache
I'm going to try and get the La Tache house sorted so I can let it, but I'll have missed this season now. Still, it needs to be ready if and when there's a booking...

The lilac and the wisteria are out and I've collected lots of wisteria seeds. Giles put up the letter box and fitted the new gate handle, so things are moving. The old lady next door always comes out to see what's going on - I think she likes to see people. I'm going to put some flowers in the pots today, so I'm off to the local garden centre - expect some flowery pictures!

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Jason Fist said...

Great flower pics.

What do you mean 'back to slobbing about'? Get that painting done! Do it!