Wednesday, 18 June 2008

18th June 2008 - from England!


Yes, I'm back in England for a few days, but will be back in France soon.

I came over on a Flybe plane last Saturday. The weather was fine, although it was a bit bumpy getting through the clouds, and the views from the window were great!

This one on the right is St Michael's Mount.

Visit to Fareham

On Monday I walked to a local hotel/golf course for a coffee and then got a taxi to Fareham in the afternoon. Not a mega-interesting place, but a good market.

Visit to The Vyne On Tuesday Tor, Molly and I went to the Vyne - a National Trust House near Basingstoke. The weather was warm and sunny and we had a great time. I do miss places like this to visit in France...

We started with a picnic lunch in the field next to the car park, and then went round the house and gardens.

Bishops Waltham

...and today (Wednesday) I went to Bishops Waltham on the bus.

It's only a little place, but has quite a variety of shops, and a particularly nice delicatessen coffee shop where I had lunch - Mozarella, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes toasted panini - and some very good coffee. Fantastic!

Bishops Waltham is modern in some parts and very olde worlde in others, with narrow streets and honey-coloured brick houses up flowery streets...

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Jason Fist said...

Sounds like you miss England quite a bit. However, there are lots of great gardens in the centre of France. At worst, you could check out a B&B nearby anf stay overnight for not very much. Otherwise, contact Sophie! She's dying to go out to some gardens with youç