Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Comic Duo hits Mezieres-sur-Issoire!

Once upon a time there was a little café in a sleepy little village in France. The café was famous throughout the locality for the quality of its coffee and the bonhomie of the patrons. Throughout the long wet winter customers went into the café to partake of the usual British pastimes of weather prediction, grumbling, bemoaning their fate at living in a forgotten part of France and so on.

Then one day, as the weather turned from winter rain to spring sunshine, the customers in the café were amazed to discover that something bizarre had happened... the café owners were rearranging their price list and laughing. The customers started laughing too, because the laughter was so infectious. Mr café owner was frying an egg for a customer and he was laughing so much, he dropped it on the floor. The customer laughed even more - although he had to wait longer for his dinner while another egg was fried, and even Spotty Dog joined in (although he wasn't allowed to eat the egg).

So - in the space of a fried egg the café owners changed from everyday English folk who moaned about the weather, cursed the local council and lamented the number of lorries that passed through the (wannabe) sleepy little village into Mrs and Mr Woodentop with their beloved pet - Spotty Dog.

Spotty Dog shook his head at all this hilarity and went off to hide under the counter in case anybody dropped a piece of sandwich or a crispy chip or two.

Mr Woodentop went back to directing operations in the little café...

...and Mrs Woodentop concentrated on making herself beautiful for Mr Woodentop.

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Jason Fist said...

This is just surreal... What tea are you drinking?