Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Morning in Montmorillon, Afternoon in the Garden

It's been a nice day today. The weather was warm and this evening is balmy.

I went early to Montmorillon market - so early that some of the stalls were still setting up and I had to have a coffee and toast while it all got going!

It's a lot nearer than Les Herolles and almost as good - bar the livestock - but I didn't want any of that anyway. There was an English cheese stall - Adrian was handing out samples of farmhouse Red Leicester - and I bought some Halloumi so Jason and I can have it barbecued next week, and an English sausage stall (of course there were no vegetarian alternatives there)!

I bought some variegated cotton to make a dress for Molly (pink, of course) and was (not) tempted by the girdles on this stall:

I thought all that nonsense stopped in the 60s - everyone seems to let it all hang out now! Nice pink umbrellas though, don't you think?

I had a good walk round Montmorillon, as I wasn't quite sure where I had left the car! I know the place a lot better now!

There are more market pictures on Flickr if you're interested...

I went to the Hyper U on the way out and managed to find a lawn edger, which I've been desperate for and none of my local garden centres sells one. So this afternoon I cut some more border width out of the lawn, sorted out the roots, stones and weeds, and put in one of my lavenders that I brought from England. It desperately needed to go in the ground, it was looking very peaky.

I also strimmed the long grass from round the sculpture garden, and that was surprisingly hard work.

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Jason Fist said...

Oh it's 'the sculpture garden' now is it? That would be near the lake and the pergola I suppose... ;-)