Sunday, 13 July 2008

13th July

This weekend it seems that everything is happening...

Of course, it's Bastille Day tomorrow, which is a National holiday, and apparently that's the start of the holiday season in France too. So campsites are filling up and I've seen shutters open on houses that have been closed for so long I was convinced there must be a dispute among family members about selling!

Yesterday I went to Montrol Senard, which had advertised an evening market, which I thought would be lovely. I imagined all the little streets filled with artisan traders and a fantastic atmosphere - the village already has a retro feel, with the old businesses that were restored for the film 1905. They are open most of the year for viewing, although there is no trade going on.

Anyway,off I went, only to find that it was really a glorified barbecue! On the small place,by the church were food stalls, and you could buy the ingredients for a meal and cook it on the communal barbecue. Needless to say, there was nothing for a vegetarian!!!!!

Today I went to Le Dorat, where the whole town was 'en fete' for the entire day. The 32nd time it has been on and, although the weather was not sunny, it didn't rain and I spent several hours there.
1. La Petite Fontaine 1, 2. American car front, 3. American car, 4. Jams, 5. Looking at the altar, 6. Inside the Convent Chapel gate, 7. Animals by the castle gate, 8. Cross stitcher's house, 9. Looking down from café, 10. Old cars 2, 11. Old cars 1, 12. Painted glass, 13. Screen 1, 14. screen 2, 15. street stalls 2, 16. The forge stand, 17. street stalls 1, 18. Statue in chapel courtyard 2, 19. Statue in chapel courtyard, 20. The chapel

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