Thursday, 17 July 2008

17th July 2008

La Tache

Feeling loads better today. I had to go to the La Tache house to unlock the gate for Rob, the gardener, who was cutting the grass, and I ended up spending nearly all day there.

The weeds in the front garden are that horrible Hawkbit which makes flat rosettes of leaves which are completely resistant to the mower, and sends up flowers to a height of almost a metre!
I decided the only way to get rid of them properly would be to cut out the rosette at ground level. Not sure if they grow again from the root, like a dandelion, but it must weaken them a bit.

Anyway, I had been at it for four hour when Rob appeared and had done about half! He carried on with strimming the back garden while I did a bit more on the front. I got it to past the stage shown in these pictures, but had to finish as I was exhausted and had a big blister. Not that I'm a weakling... ...but I was under doctor's orders, and it was a very hot day...

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