Monday, 21 July 2008

21st July 2008

Weekend Away

This weekend I went down south for a brocante. I've been to this one twice before and there are always lots of stands with old French sheets, tea-towels (how many tea-towels - and some of them were monogrammed - did those old French ladies need?)and other textile items. 2 years ago, sheets were 6 euros: now they're 10 - an increase of 66%! Monogrammed sheets, which were always more, are now a minmum of 50 euros. There aren't really any bargains any more...sob, sob.... ...but fortunately - I bought loads two years ago and more last year !!!!! So - perhaps I should start selling them at today's prices....?

Sorry - no close-ups - it really wasn't that interesting in general.

I did buy a monogrammed sheet that was only 10 euros, with a view to using the letters for something, and some of those tea-towels, for 2 euros each. Also, some bags of old lace, which were fascinating. Alas, no buttons to drool over, no pretty retro materials...I'll just have to keep on going through my removal boxes to find all the surprises! :-)

There was one interesting purchase - two books of bound copies of old magazines - one Marie Claire (from 1937), the other Mode du Jour (from 1922). The adverts alone are fascinating.

This is for a tonic wine.

Then there are the little items such as this one, on how to dress for the mountains in the sunshine ...

...a silk scarf, a knitted hat, a sporty cap with visor and a sports headband. Along with these useful tips there is good advice about (surprisingly enough in 1937) protecting your skin from the sun.

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