Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday 6th July 2008

A Busy Weekend

Yesterday I went off to try and find a Brocante I had been told was on, and discovered that it was on Sunday, not Saturday! I ended up in St Junien, a big town not far away, and thought I might as well look in the shops. I found some nice little places in the old town and had a good walk round. Next time I have visitors out here, I may take them here - there's more to see than I thought.

Afterwards I went to the Commercial Centre, where they have just opened a new Mr Bricolage. Unfortunately the car park was way, way too small and, after three turns round it I decided against visiting the shop after all! Opposite is a furniture shop called Sesame, so I parked and had a look round there... ...and bought two bookcases. They are flat-packed, and I could barely lift them out of the car, so I don't quite know how I'll manage to assemble them...

They don't look much, but it was a real struggle getting them this far. I guess assembly will be easier, as I can take the pieces out one by one.

Next to them you can see a couple of plastic boxes. This is the beginning of my 'catalog-isation'. I'm really fed up with not knowing where stuff is, so I've decided to grasp the nettle, bite the bullet, take the bull by the horns, point Percy at the porcelain (oh no - that's something else entirely) and actually attempt to sort and list the boxes. So far I've done two...

It's hard going - if you've ever tried to sort out some some cupboards, you'll know what I mean...

Spotty Egg-Cups

Got these in St Junien too - in a sale - just over a euro each..

Cute, aren't they.

...and here is another picture inside my dresser, now that I've put some stuff in it.

Sunday Stuff

Today I was out for the morning, having coffee with a friend, so I haven't done a great deal. Tomorrow the carpenter is coming for a final measure-up, and he thinks he will should have all the kitchen done by July 15th! So watch this space...

I'm a bit tired today as I seem to have got into a habit of not sleeping. This is real insomnia, I think - I just don't feel tired. I go to bed, do a crossword or two, listen to a talking book, etc, but I just don't drop off. Last night I leaned down to put the bedside lamp back on and a blob of black raced off behind the bed! I don't know what it was but I tell you, it was even harder to sleep after that! It was either a biggish spider, or a funny little insect-cum-centipede thing that is called Scutigera - presumably because it scoots off at speed! This is a picture from Wikipedia:

Not what you want in your bedroom at 2 am, really!

Needless to say, I had a good vacuum round today...

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Miles Away In France said...

urghh, we get those insects, we call them hairy caterpillars because we didn't know what they were called.
My eldest daughter hates them and if she sees one in her room she won't sleep until she knows it has gone.

Racheal x