Wednesday, 20 August 2008

20th August 2008

I've been busy

You may wonder where I've been for the past week - I usually blog more frequently than this - but I've been staying in and doing my crochet. Yes, exciting, I know, but I like crochet and at the moment I'm hooked on something called the Willow Square, from a book of 200 designs of squares, (or blocks) by Jan Eaton.
The Willow Square looks like this:

First I started to make a lap rug (not to wrap around a lap dancer) and then I got sidetracked into making bags (one of my favourite things). So I found some pretty cotton in my boxes and made these:

I love the colour combinations.

I've also made a baby ball out of the same colours, but it isn't stuffed yet, so I'll show you that another day!

Now I'm off to search my boxes for more suitable yarns so I can do some more of these bags - I love them so much. The only problem is lining them. The points of the squares at the top make this difficult and I haven't yet succeeded with the linings yet. But I'm working on it..... between making the next bag!

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