Thursday, 14 August 2008

Last of the Summer Weather?

It was so hot a few weeks ago - and now the weather is like autumn - cool mornings, chilly evenings and generally unsettled. Perhaps we'll have an 'Indian' summer, in September, but for the moment it's all a bit peculiar.

I went to a French conversation class in Montmorillon this morning and it was sunny but with a cool breeze. More of the same when I lunched in Le Dorat - and sunshine on the journey - no real heat to it but at least the photos came out OK!

I got into a cafĂ© in Bellac just as the rain started - and it's been raining on and off all evening. Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, so, of course, it's almost sure to rain, or at least be mixed, as fĂȘtes and other outdoor events take place over the whole of France.

On Saturday I have foolishly promised to go to a meal organised by the commune, although I will be limited to a salad starter, salad main course and probably salad (or at least mixed fruit) for desert in the form of a tarte! I say foolishly, since I am a non-meat-eater, and commune meals are heavy on the meat, with the locals looking askance on any weirdos, such as vegetarians! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Ghost in the Machine

And talking of weird things (which we nearly were), several have happened here since I came to live in this house, and last night was no exception.

I was sitting at my computer prior to going to bed at about 10.30 p.m, and became aware of distant music - the thump of the bass etc. It sounded like a party going on at some distance - sound carries easily in the night air - but I have been misled before, and once I found the music-like noises were actually coming from my freezer, which was not positioned correctly on the uneven tiled floor in the kitchen! So - I let it carry on for some minutes, before investigating. When I went into the kitchen the noise became louder, but it was not the freezer. I opened the front door, and was instantly aware that it really was music, and not that far away either.

I stepped out of the door to find that the music was coming from my car, parked about 12 feet away. The CD player was pumping out James Blunt, at maximum volume. Now the car had been there, untouched, since lunchtime and was securely locked!

I had been out about 1/2 hour earlier to close the window shutters on the house and noticed that the little red light on the car door was flashing, indicating the car was locked. Needless to say, the radio was not on at that time.

I had to go back in for the key to open the car and turn the CD player off. The removable front is now consigned to the glove box, as I cannot risk this happening again, especially in some place where I would not hear it, as the battery would surely be flat when I came back - even if the vehicle was not surrounded by an angry crowd, wondering who was causing all the noise pollution. What if it happened while on an overnight ferry to England, for example?


Jason Fist said...

That car stereo has a will of its own... or perhaps an alarm function?

Perhaps you should note the make and model and try and download a manual from the web?

Miles Away In France said...

oh my god, that is weird

Racheal x