Saturday, 2 August 2008

Changing of the Seasons

October weather in August

I know the weather here is changeable, but I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Yesterday was a bit cloudy, but with sunny spells and still quite warm. Today clear sunshine was forecast and I haven't seen a peep of it all day! It is really more like October than the 2nd day of August and I really feel sorry for all those people (and judging by the traffic in Lussac Les Chateaux this morning there are lots of them) who started out on their holidays today. Let's hope it changes back to sunshine again soon.

I went to Chauvigny this morning, to the market which, apparently, is always there on a Saturday. I went with Tim and Barbara, who have a holiday house in my hamlet. It was a bit cold with a few drops of rain, but on the whole it stayed dry. The market was a good one and it was fairly crowded, although Tim and Barbara said there were several stalls 'missing' - and they assumed the owners have gone on holiday themselves. I only took a couple of pictures, and they seem to be just vegetable and fruit stands!

... nice vegetables, anyway!

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