Saturday, 11 October 2008

Camper Van Swap

I've just realised that I haven't posted my pictures of the Camper Van Swap! I took photos of Lindsey's fabulous pressie to me, but never actually got them onto the Blog! That's what comes of trying to do zillions of things at once -
  • showing builders round so they can give estimates
  • waiting for builders to give estimates (I've been waiting 3 months for one!)
  • getting ready to go on a knitwear design course
  • preparing to show some English Folks around a lake as my friend, who is the estate agent, is unable to do it herself
  • clearing out a room so the builders can get in to do some work
  • trying to finish painting in the kitchen
  • Sewing my name tags into bags ready for a Christmas Fair
  • shopping for wall lights ready for the builder
  • planning how to do the shop I've just bought in a nearby town...
...I think that's at least a zillion, isn't it?

Anyway - the camper van swap...

I was blown away by Lindsey's picture - it is fabulous and reminds me so of the camper we had lots of happy holidays in France with. Lindsey - you're very talented. Here's a picture:

Lindsey also sent me a little camper van model and a brilliant calendar!

It is fun, this swap business! I might even do another some time, though at the height of non-inspiration I swore I never would!

In the end I made Lindsey a bag (since bags are my thing) from French linen, with a blue stripe. You can see what I wrote when I bought the linen here.

Here's the bag:

Lindsey has some pictures on her blog too.

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