Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hurrah - Finished the Camper Van Swap!

Well, I finished the camper van swap, and I've loaded the pictures onto Flickr, but only Family can see it, as it's secret... It'll be in the post on Tuesday, and once Lindsay's received it I'll let you all see the photos! I'm pleased with it - I just hope Lindsay likes it.

I went looking for a new microwave today, and bought one in Carrefour. It's so difficult to find small electrical goods here - kitchen stuff especially. Seems the supermarkets are the best places. I found the microwave, then had to find someone to help me...wait in a queue at the help desk...wait for him to bring it... pay for it... get him to take it to the car... When I got home I discovered it was black instead of white! Oh, who cares.....

I'm also desperate for a wardrobe, having no storage at all in the bedrooms. I saw one in Eco Entrepot that would go perfectly with my bed.... but it won't fit in my bedroom! Don't let anyone tell you that attic conversions with little slanty ceilings are very picturesque - they're a nightmare to put furniture in! This wardrobe would fit in the spare room, but that's not where I want it... and it's pretty expensive too.

I had decided already that, most likely, I would have to have the wardrobes built-in. I even made an appointment with a carpenter... he should have come today.... I do hate staying in for people who don't arrive, don't phone... you can only presume they don't care...

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