Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Insulting the End Room

That title should have said INSULATING but I think I'll just let it stand...

Mark and Ian arrived today to start the work on my end room - the one with all the crap useful stuff in it. It took a bit of time to move all the stuff out into various places, and the residue to the one wall that's not being insulated.

However, eventually they had room to move, and were able to start the job.

During the clearing process they kindly moved my welsh dresser into the kitchen, and I was able to unpack some china...

Tomorrow they're fixing a lintel above the window, which is a job requiring accro props to support the wall while a new lintel is inserted. At present, because the old lintel (wooden) has rotted, the window will not open, and a crack has appeared in the rendering inside...

It wasn't as bad as that before, but they had to widen it to see what was what.

So - no knitting by me at all today!

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