Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday - a Day of Rest


Day of Rest indeed - I've been so busy I'm worn out.

First there was a Vide-Greniers in Mezieres-sur-Issoire.

(I particularly liked the dog one - where he was sniffing the sign offering any three sausages for ten euros!) You can see some bigger pictures on my Flickr page.

Then I went to an embroidery exhibition in Bellac - beautiful stuff, but I somehow forgot to take photos. I was so tired by then - it took hours to walk round the stalls in Mezieres.

I had some lunch in Le Dorat and then came home. I could have had a little snooze, but I'm trying to clear things a bit for the builders, so I started to build up a flat-pack bookcase. It was my second and went mostly OK. When I put it upright, before the loose shelves went in, two screws dropped out of the bottom, but I'm turning a blind eye to that!

As I had the electric screwdriver charged, I thought I'd put up a little towel hook in the bedroom. Big mistake! I hate plasterboard!!!! Now I have two enormous holes in the wall, and still no towel hook...
Is it my imagination or does that look like a pair of eyes to you...? I'm going to have get some Polyfiller...


Jason Fist said...

A couple of rawlplugs in that and you'll be sorted.

Stew said...

not rawlplugs, try Chevilles Molly.

I don't know what they're called in English. "Molly" is the brand name. They use a specail tool to expand them;, and are very easy to use and designed for plasterboard.

Fairly cheap too, the tool and a packed of the screws for about 15 euros, and then you've got the tool for future use.

i've hung radiators on plasterboard with the dang things.