Saturday, 22 November 2008

La Maison Bleue Christmas Fair

You'll be pleased to hear that the Christmas Fair went well. I made over a hundred euros! Lots of people came, despite the weather, which was cold, wet and windy.

My stall looked like this:
Sandra was there with her knitting and Jamie's cards:
Bent - a spinner who lives in Blond came with loads of yarn and knitted goods and also sat and spun: distaff arts were well represented!

Apart from that there was a stall selling organic lamb (no picture please, we're vegetarian); Christmas topiary by Michelle:
...Lorraine, who had toys:
..Elizabeth and Mike Walsh selling cards:
...and the Sabot Brewery doing all sorts of ales - I couldn't get a picture because there were people around the stall chatting (and possibly tasting)...

The Christmas decorations in the room (sold by La Maison Bleue) were also attracting lots of attention and sales:
...and Avril (who works at La Maison Bleue) made some table decorations that were Christmas Trees made of red and green sweets:
Now whether it was all that chatting, or whether it is due to a 'bug', I had developed a bit of a sore throat by the end of the day, so I'm having to treat it with a good red Bordeaux (for medicinal purposes, obviously!).

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Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, it was great to see you today and we are pleased with the goodies we bought from you. I am glad that it was a succesful day for you. I bought 3 little acorn fairies from Pascale as well. :-)