Friday, 21 November 2008

Sneak Preview

Would you like a sneak preview of what I'm taking to the Christmas Fair? It's at the Maison Bleue in Le Dorat, 22nd November (tomorrow) from 10 until we get fed up...

Here's what I'm taking...
> Flower Brooches
> Baby Bootees
> Beaded Bracelets
> Funky Catnip Mice
> Mobile Phone Covers
> Glitzy Christmas Cacti
> Hats
> Lavender Sachets
> Woolly Pincushions
> Flowery Tea Towels
> Teddy Bears

> Christmas Tree bags


Jason Fist said...

Good luck. Hope those heathens buy some stuff.

Giant holes in your post by the way...

Jason Fist said...

Looking through your post again, you've got loads of great stuff!