Thursday, 20 November 2008

New Wood Burner!

Yippee!!!!! The new wood burner finally arrived

After the previous abortive attampts and then my mix-up with the day (I had booked to meet the electricity man at the shop in Le Dorat) the Weldom lorry finally trundled down my lane this afternoon.

Good job Ian and Debra were here, as the man from Weldom came alone, and the stove weighed about a tonne... goodness knows how he expected to get that out of the van on his own! But luckily (well, Ian had asked if I would like him to be here and I said I would) help was at hand, and together they were able to get the stove out of the lorry and into the end room. Finally, after some discussion over pipe-ness and a little extra chipping at the hole and a look up the chimney (which he should have done properly when he came the first time) the man installed the stove and it was finally lit. Ta-Da!!!!!

It's not as tidy as when it's installed directly into a fireplace, but this pipe goes through the wall and into the fireplace of the adjoining room, so it conforms to all the rules. I lit a small fire in the stove just to test that it 'drew' well, and it did!
...and it looks pretty snazzy too!

Ian finished the shelves today as well, so now I can start filling them with all my junk lovely things.

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Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, The wood burner looks great, so does the chandelier. That room is really looking good now - almost finished, just a few more boxes on those shelves! Great to be at the inaugural lighting of the fire this afternoon. :-) Debra x