Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past...

So I did get into the Christmas spirit after all!

It was lovely having all my children here, and they didn't even argue!

I got lots of lovely presents (see some of them here) and everyone seemed to like the presents I gave - even the hand-knitted ones!

Giles put up my Sheila Maid rack in the kitchen...
....and they all helped to bring the washing machine down from the upstairs bathroom to the kitchen!
This is it performing its first-ever wash in the new position! The French builders installed it upstairs as they said this was the norm in France. However, every time it went on to spin, the house doors vibrated and the floors upstairs shook! No problem now!

Now it's very quiet with everyone gone, but soon my friend Joan will be out to stay and it will be non-stop party again! (Still lots of booze to drink and a freezer-full of food!)

1 comment:

Jason Fist said...

Giles brought down the washing machine?

There were three of us y'know!

Had a lovely Xmas. Thanks! I do like my scarf very much.