Sunday, 4 January 2009

Too cold for the car

The worst bit about living on your own, in an isolated hamlet in the middle of rural France is when, on a cold morning, with a heavy hoar frost, you go to drive out for lunch and find the car won't start. To be fair, it was VERY cold last last night and the frost on the car was so amazing I took a photo of it.
When enlarged you can see that each crystal is like a tiny leaf. Quite beautiful!
However, the idea was to go out for lunch and not look at ice crystals!

Afraid of completely flattening the battery (which was only making a feeble attempt anyway) I gave up and have now found some frozen food which is heating in the oven. Ironic eh?

At least I've got enough wood in to keep me warm, and a good audiobook to listen to.

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