Saturday, 24 January 2009

Grand Frais - a Vegetable Odyssey

Grand Frais is what I guess you'd call a vegetable and fruit supermarket. The first one I came across was in Chatellrault:

...but it turns out there's a nearer one in Limoges, where I went last week, with Debra. Amongst other stuff, I bought a 'soup' vegetable pack, which I've made into this casserole tonight.
It was an amazing mixture, much better than I've had from other supermarkets. There were cream-coloured carrots, orange ones and red ones, as well as little yellow turnips and ordinary ones, leeks and shallots...and the bouquet garni, of course. I added red wine (obligatory) and a couple of garlic and herb stock cubes, and we'll see what it all turns out like in an hour or so!

I thought of adding potatoes and chestnuts, but I think I'll save them for a potato, chestnut and onion pie I have in mind...

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Debra in France said...

The thought of that stew is making me hungry! A nice piece of crusty bread and it would keep you going all day. I love the sound of the pie as well. :-)