Saturday, 24 January 2009

Voila - the Book Bag

Based on a previous design of mine, I have just completed the Book Bag!
I added a gusset all round and some purchased handles.

The idea came from when I was coming out of the Maison Bleue with a book in my hand, and thought how convenient it would be to have a special bag for this purpose.

I haven't lined the bag as I felt it was unnecessary for this purpose, as there were no small items to fall through. If the bag were to be used for other things then, of course, a lining would be 'de rigeur'.


Jason Fist said...

"de rigueur". Nearly got it ;-)

Debra in France said...

Excellent bag. Those handles arrived quickly. I think this is going to be a very popular design.


Oh its lovely
it would be lovely in all the summery colours for when your shop opens .
I think it would be a good seller too
you are so talented


Hi there Penny
Yes we bought dulux paint in mr bricolage ,epensive but worth it
we had tried the french paint and your right you need loats of coats
you get what you pay for with dulux so well worth the extra
must do a wee post on that thanks

Debra in France said...

You really are talented Penny. You seem to have limitless imagination for your knitting and crochet.

I think your shop is going to be very popular.