Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How to Waste Time (Part One)

Waste time? I do it just about every day! Could I be less wasteful of this commodity? Of course I could! Just needs a little organisation.... today, for example, I:
  1. Discovered I didn't have enough yarn to finish Molly's jacket. The yarn is a mixture of two yarns, one of which was discontinued before I left England two years ago! I got halfway down the sleeve and discovered I was more than halfway through the remaining yarn. Can't buy more, so what do I do. I'm currently considering turning it into a bodywarmer. Edge it, add little pockets... you see where I'm going?

    I could have avoided this if I had done a tension square (sorry for swearing) - probably - or simply realising that three tiny balls of Louisa Harding ribbon-y/mohair-y stuff from 3 years ago was never going to be enough to make what was planned to be a Spring/Summer jacket for a two-year old!

  2. Decided to press the little eyelet pattern cardigan for Molly, sew it up and do the edging. Pressed the pieces and realised that, somehow, I had lost one of the fronts. Now I know I made two because I was a little concerned that the decreased edge on one was a little tighter (and therefore shorter) than the other, and I placed them on top of each other to compare measurements. Today I pressed the back, two sleeves and then discovered there was only one front!
    Too late (the shop was shut) I thought of ringing Deborah of the Maison Bleue to see if it was on the floor of the room where we have the Knitting Group on a Monday. So I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out about that one. If it's not there, then I'll have to knit it all again - grrrrrrrrr!
    If I had kept everything neatly in a bag, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

  3. I spent a lot of time (and printer ink) scanning in some paint charts for the le Dorat shop and then discovered that the office in Limoges would send me my own copy for free!
    Time-saving solution - check and ring the phone number first!


Jason Fist said...


I never waste time. Ever.

Now if you'll excuse me, the Playstation's ready.


Hello Penny
Can you get the wool that you need maybe over here.
If you can i could get it for you and post it to you

Debra in France said...

How annoying about the wool. I bet you uttered a few choice words there! A body warmer would be just as cute.

Just like Jason I never waste time either - sorry, got to go, Misty wants to play.

Debra in France said...

The gilet I was knitting at the group on Monday was unraveled Monday night. I had decreased for the armholes, checked the number of stitches and they were wrong. Imust have forgotten to decrease at one edge. So I undid the 4 rows of decreasing, they had all been ok, so I must have cast on the wrong number of stitches. Never mind, another lesson learnt.

Pearly Queen said...

Thanks Andrea, but the wool (one of them) is long discontinued. Still a body warmer will be nice...