Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Snow on the Runway

Well, maybe it's the first snow that's got me acting weird, or maybe it's this video link that Jason sent me...

...but I just can't get excited over this 'fabulous' machine..... checkout the link and see what you think! (hey, I'm a poet...)

I mean, that old Clark Kent lookalike stuff is old hat nowadays (or is he simply standing behind one of those cardboard people with his head on the neck rest)...

...but Maggie and me - well we're good friends now (I think) and I'm sure she genuinely loves her Brother...
...(there's a lot of that about out here too) but I just wish I had some idea, after watching the whole goddarn video presentation, of what those 100 new features actually are!
...and 'Runway Lighting'.....what were they thinking of???? Catwalks, airports? As far as I can see, the main runway item (or should I say run away) is the price!
...and I think you can do a lot of running away for that much money! Crikey, I paid less than that for my car!


Anyway, I did mention snow (which is how I come to be sitting here in my fingerless mittens and shawl ( I kid you not) ...
...at my computer, gearing up to my eventual inescapable journey into the woodshed of my mind to retrieve the logs of wisdom that I'm going to burn on the fires of my intellect today!


Actually, it's real logs, and woodburners. You wouldn't want me to die of hypothermia now would you..
...here's a picture of the garden in the snow:

I photomerged it - hence the weird lines in the sky, in case you thought they were the blinding rays of an overhead space ship, about to beam me up..... ( maybe it is the cold weather.....)

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Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, I love that photomerge thingy. Will you show me how to use it next time I see you? We are sitting in front of a log fire and I am knitting, while Ian dozes. Good job I bought up loads of wood yesterday. Debra x