Sunday, 22 February 2009

Splitting Logs

It was a cold day today - I woke up to a misty garden and decided to have another hour in bed.....

When I eventually got up I didn't want to light the fire as I was meeting a friend for coffee and a snack at lunchtime at La Petite Fontaine and I didn't have a lot of wood, so didn't want to waste it by leaving the wood burner burning it all up while I was out. So when I got back the house was really cold and I then had to go and search out enough wood to last the night.

Before I went to the dependances (my woodshed and workshop) I decided I would make a couple of phone calls, only to find that the phone was not working. I spent an hour or so trying a few things and decided the fault was in a piece which I did not have a replacement for, so I would have to make some enquiries in the morning. At least I was able to get the wood without missing any phone calls! I texted my family to let them know they would not be able to call (my phone apparently rings 'engaged' when it is not working).

I found some logs that had been too big for me to split with the wedge and lump hammer, so I put them in my brand-new log splitter which Giles brought out from England for me. Brilliant! I now have a pile of split oak which will last me tonight and maybe tomorrow too.

After lighting the fire I made my evening meal and when this was finished I glanced at my neuf box (phone & internet)and found that the phone was back on! Next time I won't try and fix it, just give it an hour or two!

Giles' Socks

The first sock is now finished and I am halfway down the leg of the second one (though I've done nothing on it today). This is what it looked like yesterday...

...but tonight's pictures (taken with flash) were so poor I won't post them. I'll take more when the pair is completed.

The yarn is lovely to work with, although I found the dye came off on my hands a bit as I worked (but it washed off leter). I bought it on the Internet, from a firm called Fibresdart. It is 100% pure superwash merino and really soft. Probably not ideal for socks for a husky man (my son, Giles).


Wood Splitter said...

Isn't a wood splitter like the best invention ever? I will never swing an axe again If I don't have to! Keep warm!

Jason Fist said...

What does this wonder wood splitter look like, and how does it work?