Friday, 8 May 2009

Attack of the Glue Sniffing Eating Snails

In France the postman delivers publicity material for all sorts of things. Mountains of the stuff come every Tuesday here, and it just goes straight in the recycling box. From the Mairie you can get a little sticker, in the interests of conservation, to put on the letterbox. When the postman sees the sticker he doesn't put the rubbish advertising material in your box. The sticker is available from the Mairie and looks like this:

Yesterday I noticed that my 'Stop Pub' notice was damaged - almost half of it had been torn off. It looked as if someone had tried to peel it off the letterbox... I couldn't believe the postman would do that, and there really was no other likelihood...

Today (a public holiday when no post is delivered) the sticker looks like this: not the postman then.

The clue was at the very top of the postbox - a tiny snail making its weary way home (with a full tummy, presumably!

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