Monday, 11 May 2009

Isabeau Bag Project

Today was the Knitting Group at La Maison Bleue, and I had asked everyone if they were interested in knitting this bag.

They were.

So today I took along some yarn and needles and everyone started the bag. Sandra had already started one (slap, slap) but Maarit, Vicky and Barbie (who is an occasional member, as she does not live here permanently) chose some yarn and started. Debra had already chosen her yarn yesterday, but could not attend today's meeting as her little cat had to go to the vet. (Get better soon, Misty)!

I chose a grey and sparkly yarn, and this is how far I got in the two hours:

Here is a close-up of the pattern, which is Feather and Fan - one of my favourites...

Vicky brought me some gold buttons for my (not inconsiderable) stash - but six were snaffled immediately by Barbie who had been searching high and low for something for a cardigan she was making, and exclaimed that these would be "just right"!

Because Sandra had already tried the bag pattern (500 lines, Ms Buckley - "I must not start my knitting early") she made the Isabeau purse. While we struggled with the pattern for the bag, she already had it set in her head and sat there smugly while we cursed and ripped back our work (obviously only very occasionally).


Debra in France said...

Ok, what pattern are you using, because mine one (when I had actually got further than the 4 rows of knit doesn't has a wavy edge like that!!!

I am finding the yarn difficult to knit with as it is so textured, it deosn't slip through the stitches easily. Would the Jaegar Aqua yarn be ok to use?

Debra in France said...

Well, I have done abut 6cm of pattern and while it looks ok, doesn't look remotely like yours! I can't see any of the holes in mine. I will start another one with the Aqua yarn while in the UK as I can't bear to undo the purple one for the 5th time!