Saturday, 27 June 2009

In Clover

I'm trying to get used to being on my own more, and maybe do some stuff around the house. So I haven't been out for two days...

So what have I done while saving diesel? Well...
  • I've made some knitted washcloths
  • I've made some crocheted washcloths
  • I've made a loaf of bread after a long absence of use of the bread machine
  • I've finished listening to my latest audio book - Spiderlight (and it was rubbish!)
  • I've listened to a BBC audio tape set of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (and it was rubbish!)
  • I've listened to about half of the songs on my iPod
  • I've read all the latest posts in my list on Google Reader
  • I've sent emails to a couple of people I haven't contacted for a long time
  • I've printed out the latest Telegraph crosswords I'm going to do in bed tonight
  • I've taken some pictures of my garden (hence the title of this post) as the lawn is almost all clover
... and I've spent the whole of today in a bit of a blur as I have not used my contact lenses in an effort to let my eyes get some oxygen.

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