Monday, 8 June 2009

The Outside Toilet

Doesn't everyone dream of the perfect flower container for their garden? Make me an offer and it's yours~

This is the toilet I used for a year and a half when I first came to live here, in rural France. It was across the garden in a little brick building, attached to a small toolshed. Now that I have sanitation (and it's great!) Giles has taken out the old toilet so I can put the lawnmower in that half of the building. (For your information - it just fits!).

Here is Giles sweeping out the space before Fi lugged in the lawnmower:

Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures of Giles doing the ceiling in my living room...

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Ha Ha your funny i laughed at the toilet pride of place in the garden.
But hey at least you had it to use but so glad you have proper sanitation now
Its amazng what you use when you have to
Although mind you that toilet looks in better condition than our one in our bathroom lol