Sunday, 7 June 2009


Giles and Fi arrived yesterday and this morning we all went out looking at the countryside and trying to find a Brocante. First we tried Luchapt, which was advertised on, but although there was a kind of brocante on the sports field, there were so few stalls that we deemed it not worth stopping for.

We then went on to L'Isle Jourdain for a coffee, but found that the Cafe des Sports did not open for another hour. We decided to go on to Availles-Limouzine as Jason had emailed me about a garden show there, and I thought it was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When we got there - no garden show, but a big brocante, so we were very happy looking round that. Although there were lots of stalls, the weather was very uncertain and it was quite cold, so it was not such good fun as looking round on a nice day. However, I did find an absolute bargain...

... an old treadle sewing machine for 15 euros!

It is in perfect working order, and complete with the instruction book and even the original guarantee...

...which is unlimited!!!

It has lockable drawers and you can also lock the top when the machine is folded down into the housing - and the key was with it! Looks as if it was bought in 1973 - and there are some spare needles wrapped in a 1972 newspaper.

There were reels of cotton and buttons in the drawers - and you know how I am with buttons - so it was a done deal!

In the end it will be a display piece in the shop, and pretty good it will look too!


Christy said...

What a lovely find. I'm sure it will look nice in your shop.

What is the theme of your shop and where do you hope to go with it?



Wow what a bargain you got
love it