Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sorting Out Things

Most of today I've been sorting out things for the Journée Artisanale on 'Sunday.

Sandra and Jamie came over this afternoon, to help me, which was great. We got lots of boxes sorted and lots of stuff packed up ready.

I've decided to sell lots of stuff, at silly prices, just to get it out of the way. Some of it is just wools, or material, and some of it is the things I've made. I've finally realised that, in this part of France, people don't really buy anything they don't see a need for. I'm hoping that, if it's cheap enough, they will overcome this reticence and buy stuff anyway!

I bagged up some wool on Monday and some material yesterday, and today we've done about a dozen boxes. What doesn't sell on Sunday I'm hoping to sell at the shop on a day (still to be arranged) in September.

It won't make a fortune, but at least it gets it out of the way and the buyers will certainly get a bargain!


Jason Fist said...

Perhaps I should buy it all and give it to you as a present?

Pearly Queen said...

Perhaps you should buy it all and learn how to knit and crochet and sew...