Monday, 24 August 2009

On My English Holidays

Hello! Here I am on my holidays in England and, yes, it has been sunny ever since I came here 2 weeks ago today! Guess I brought the weather with me, or I'm just extraordinarily lucky.

I have already spent a week with my daughter and granddaughter...

... this picture wasn't taken at their house, obviously...

...and now I'm in the Midlands, staying with my friend Joan, in Kenilworth. We've been out and done lots of things, not least being visiting Charity shops (we don't have them in France) and having tea and coffee in quaint little teashops.

Today we went to Shipston on Stour and tomorrow we may go to The Bramble Patch - a patchwork shop. They do lots of lovely materials, kits and all sorts of useful accessories. After that it's back to my daughter's for a day and then I catch the ferry home.

It's been a lovely visit and a nice rest. Now I have to face the fact that, back home, my lawn may be three feet high and the flower bed may contain nothing but dead stalks!

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Glad you are enjoying your holiday