Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Going Up in the World

Just in case you thought I was close to becoming a French peasant, I can show you that here, in Les Granges, the fun capital of the Limousin, we are going up in the world. At least, Giles is. You see we have hired a nacelle, commonly known in UK parlance as a Cherry Picker. Now that I know how they work I cannot imagine anyone EVER using it for picking cherries or any other fruit... unless:

a) the space between rows and trees was the size of a small house


b) there was a handy tractor to move the cherry picker from tree to tree.

Apart from initial problems with the working of the thing, it is quite a performance to move it around (mostly we have to connect it to the tow bar on the car) and re-position the legs so that it is steady and level. However, Giles has the measure of it now and is making (fairly) light work of everything.

The cementing round the rafters is nearly finished and after that we start painting.

The weather has been good, and no rain is forecast in the next few days so, with luck, we should get finished in time. This morning's mist is clearing now, and it feels as if it might be quite hot this afternoon.

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