Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Material Girl

I think you could rightly call me that. Not that I care for the expensive trappings of life - just material...

...and today I've been sorting out some to sell - three big boxes so far.

I'm hoping to sell some to a patchwork group on Thursday and then what's left I'll take to the Petite Fontaine Craft Day at the end of November.

If you want some, don't worry - these are just the first boxes - there'll be more!

Herringbone Scarves

I'm also hoping to make some scarves and (possibly) matching hats for the Craft event. So far the scarf total is one and a half - the pink and grey one, which is nearly finished...

...and the blue and cream one, which I've just started...

I love this herringbone pattern!

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