Thursday, 26 November 2009

Brooches and Tree Bags

I finally figured out (couldn't remember) how to upload a pdf file to Ravelry, so my brooch pattern is now available for free download - but I think you have to register with Ravelry before you can get in. It's free and it's a great resource, with lots of free patterns (I have 13 on there). It only takes a few days so I would go ahead and do it ASAP!

Christmas Fayre

I'm still making things for the Christmas Fayre at La Petite Fontaine - today it's been tree decorations - after a few more 'christmassy' brooches, of course... and green, naturally!

Then I had a go at doing a beaded star...

...but it took ages to persuade each bead to go in the right place, so if I do it again I'll sew the beads on afterwards!

Now I'm building up my stock of Ferrero Rocher tree bags, but for a change they're not in lurex but mohair with just a hint of glitter. Here's the first two... I'm trying some in red - show you them later...

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Jason Fist said...

We want crocheted / knitted cupcakes please!