Friday, 27 November 2009

The Eve of The Fayre...

I spent most of the day working on getting ready for the fayre - not sure if I could do this on a very regular basis! At 3pm I decided I'd had enough (especially since I'd nothing to eat since a piece of toast for breakfast) and went off for coffee and a toasted sandwich at LPF.

This is the pile of things I've got ready to take tomorrow...


  • 5 boxes of material, all packed up and prettily tied with ribbon
  • Cross stitch and embroidery kits
  • Lavender sachets
  • LOVE potholders
  • Hanging birds
  • Mohair brooches
  • Lavender Pears
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Handmade (but not by me) soaps and washcloths (these ARE made by me)
  • Crocheted bags
  • Crocheted hats
  • Christmas Tree decorations and Ferrero Rocher Tree Bags would be lovely to sell them all, but I have to be realistic. I'll let you know how well I did!

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