Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13th January 2010

Yeaaaay!!!! Finally got out in the car today. It started, no problem, and appears to be none the worse for its sojourn under the snow for 9 days. I have bought some anti-freeze now, or rather, some 'coolant' which protects the engine from temperatures up to 125º and down to -30º. I rather think (or hope) that it will be sufficient!

So, I went to Le Dorat and had a coffee and sandwich in the Petite Fontaine, and did an enormous amount of shopping in Carrefour in Bellac on the way home.

20 Minutes Crafting Challenge

I've rather let this go today, as I was so pleased to be out of the house, but I have spent (probably) about 20 minutes assembling the 'bits' to make a hanging heart. I'll probably put some lavender in it too. Here's a picture of the 'bits'...

...and more about the project itself tomorrow - I'm too full of fish pie at present to be doubled over my computer!

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